CTI Oscillator

I purchased a couple phase lock sources made by CTI at the 2000 Microwave Update. The links below contain information on how to use and convert them.

Here is a picture of the unit...

pxs unit outside

I was able to get enough information from one of the engineers at CTI to understand their basic operation and to learn how to convert them for use with different input reference frequencies and different crystals for output frequency.

CTI MS Word Doc
This link is a Microsoft Word file that I generated. It contains most of the information I derived about what is inside them, and how to change them for different frequencies.
CTI PDF version
Same as the Word doc above, but in PDF format.
PXS Datasheet
A scan of a two-page datasheet on the PXS Series phase-locked oscillators.
Oscillator circuit notes
A text file describing notes I made about the crystal oscillator circuit. It may be necessary to change capacitors or loop components if the oscillator is moved very far from its original frequency. I never had to do this, and the information is not complete -- but it is a starting point.
Oscillator circuit layout
A Gif image of a scan of the oscillator section of the board. It has component locations drawn on it, and is what I used to derive the circuit. This image is referenced in the circuit notes text file, above.
Oscillator circuit schematic
A Gif file of a hand drawn schematic. It may not be completely accurate... use it with caution. This image file is also referenced in the notes text file.



Tech Info
CTI MS Word Doc Oscillator circuit notes Oscillator circuit layout Oscillator circuit schematic