Technical Resources

This page contains links to assorted documents, information, processes and equipment descriptions accumulated or created by KK6MK.


Power Meters
A collection of documentation related to HP microwave power meters.
CTI Oscillator
Some notes on using a certain model phase-locked oscillator source made by CTI.
Etching with CuCl
Some information extracted from a book by Stephen Kasten. It describes how to use Cupric Chloride solution to etch printed circuit boards.
DMC devices
DMC manufactured microwave link stations. During the mid-90's, many component units from these link products became available on the surplus market. This link describes what is known about several of the devices that I have encountered.
Several documents for the AILTECH 7514 Precision Automatic Noise Figure Indicator.
PTS Synthesizers
Some information on PTS Frequency Synthesizers, mainly related to using the remote BCD connector to control the instruments.
Some information about SAIC GR-135 radiation detection meters.




Power Meters CTI Oscillator Etching with CuCl DMC devices AIL 7514 PANFI PTS Synth