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My Army infantry unit held its first reunion in October, 2003, in New Orleans, LA. Most of us served in Vietnam during 1968 and 1969. A lot of the unit was assembled in Hawaii, based at Schoefield Barracks, during fall 1967 and early 1968 before going to Vietnam.

I originally put this page together as a common point for us to share thoughts and photos to jog our failing memories prior to meeting for the reunion. Click on the links below to see what I have assembled so far.

The reunion was great. Over twenty guys showed up, along with many wives, girlfriends and some families. Bonds made about 35 years earlier were quickly re-established. Stories and reminiscence filled days and evenings of talk, along with learning how lives had evolved over the long time between.

New Orleans provided a great place to enjoy some time together. Several tours were set up, and many of us made it down to the French Quarter on friday night for the big marti gras-like street party since it happened to be Halloween.

During our service in Hawaii and Vietnam, Bob Whitworth had an 8 mm film camera and he had taken lots of home movies. Bob recently connected with a person who helped him edit his film down to about a 10 minute program on DVD. During our final night dinner party, this film was shown, backed with 60's music and some narration. It was an unexpected encounter, to see ourselves again, young and in that time of great challenge. Several tears were shed.

Finally, I must again thank Beth Whitworth. She is the person most responsible for making this reunion happen. Beth did a lot of the organizational work for the reunion itself, but this is not all. Over many years, Beth followed many links, documents, telephone calls and clues to track down the members of our unit and give us a way to find each other again. We can't thank you enough, Beth.

Information from our year in Vietnam

Area Map
Map of the area where we were with firebases, etc.
Rex's Pictures
Pictures from Vietnam and related subjects.
A table with the sequence of events during our year in Vietnam. This is probably close, but some guesswork was involved.



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