First KK6MK 10 GHz Radio

This is the 10 GHz radio that I put together for use in the ARRL 10 GHz Contest, first operational about 1994. As you can see, it doesn't really have to look great to work. I accumulated, modified, or built all the parts I needed over a long period (a couple years). I then quickly executed some "Rube Goldberg" construction on the thing, creating the form here, so I could move it around and take it to mountain tops. It works, so I never bothered to make it any neater.


Front of the rig showing 2 ft. dish and "Penny" feed.


Back of the rig with overall throw-it-together construction.


Left side. Tall thin white unit is sat. converter that is being used as 1st LO at 10690 MHz. (See other project page.) Big white box is 2nd LO at 467 MHz for final IF at 145 MHz. Small silver box is power supply. Separate Tx and Rx signals come out at center. Black cable at lower right provides 10 MHz reference into LO.


Right side, bottom to top. Bottom whit box is DMC converted Rx chain. Above it is DMC converted Tx chain (1W power out). Plastic box is Tx/Rx switching controller. Silver box at top is a power supply.


Front left is lower mixer for Tx. Aluminum box is homebrew 300 MHz filter. To right is amplifier for 300 MHz Tx. Behind filter with 3 BNCs is Rx 300 MHz mixer.


Center shows Tx/Rx relay feeding transition into wavguide to antenna. Waveguide has some screws for matching SWR.

Here's the basic block diagram:

dualrcvr block diag