I am Rex, amateur radio operator KK6MK.

This page is here just because the more and more usless search engine, Google, can't seem to figure out that KK6MK has something to do with these pages.

Google finds my old, long gone, pages when someone types 'KK6MK' but refuses to notice that KK6MK has been living on these pages for over a year now and the other links are dead.

May 2006 --
The Google situation has improved enough for me to stop whining about it on my main page. I took the time to go to Google and ask them to drop some of the dead results. I changed some things hoping it would help with Google. Probably the main thing was rearranging my html so that the important descriptions were in the title or close to the top of the html source. I still find that other search engines are working more efficiently than Google.

Here are some links that I find more useful for searches:



If you came here looking for something related to KK6MK, then I thank you for your interest.
Please take this link to my main page and navigate from there:

Xertech and KK6MK -- Home Page

I've noticed that most of the time when I google for somthing that I know should be out there on the web, all I usually find is a bunch of ebay listings (usually long vanished), and a zillion links to people around the world trying to sell me something, with a few once-useful but now long broken links.

Is it just me or is the search engine Google becoming near useless?

Anyway, while I'm at it, let me add a list of keywords for stuff that is on my pages but not easily found through Google, especially when associated with KK6MK.

Elsewhere on the pages:
KK6MK, Projects, GL, Palm, 10G, log, CPwin, EME, 10GHz, TR 9000, GLKEY, GHz, Rex, KK6MK, Technical, Power Meters, CTI, oscillator, etching, CuCl, DMC, AIL, PANFI, Rex

So I tried. This probably won't make it into google's database either, but at least I tried.

If you can relate to my problems and dissatisfaction with Google, send me an email. If I get entertaining or helpful replies, maybe I'll add them to this page.