On October 22, 2005, many of the people who worked at Amdahl during the 1970's got together for a reunion in Sunnyvale, CA.

Ron Bucher and several ex-Amdahl friends planned and organized this great gathering. My thanks to Ron and everyone else who helped.

A few scanned pages

I scanned a few pages of documents I saved from the time that were related to the machine we called P2. This was the second machine that was shipped to a customer and was installed at the University of Michigan in July, 1975. I was part of the team for that install, and then stayed to be one of the on-site field engineers at U of M. Mike Kielar was the other FE.


Here are links to 3 pages of the memo I received prior to leaving to do the install.

Looking Back

This is a page from PS&S Scenes newsletter of Aug-Sept 1982. This was just after the first shipment of a 580 machine -- the successor to the 470 series, like the P2 machine.

The page I have copied here is one page that looks back on the events of 1975 when P1 and P2 were shipped.

Remember When? (1.3 MB)