KK6MK - 10GHz Contest 2013 - Vaca

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Thumbs/tn_01 Vaca.jpg
Vaca Mt. - August
KK6MK Operation spot
Thumbs/tn_02 Vaca.jpg
KK6MK 10 GHz rig
and truck
Thumbs/tn_03 Vaca.jpg
Operating desk and
home away from home
Thumbs/tn_04 Vaca.jpg
Rig pointing Southeast toward
SJ Valley and Frazier
Thumbs/tn_05 Vaca.jpg
View to the East
around sunset
Thumbs/tn_06 Vaca.jpg
Setting sun #1

Thumbs/tn_07 Vaca.jpg
Setting sun #2