KK6MK - 10GHz Contest 2013 - Frazier

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Thumbs/tn_10 Fraz.jpg
Frazier Mt. Sat 9/21
W6YLZ dish in front
KK6MK dish & truck right
Thumbs/tn_11 Fraz.jpg
Miguel W6YLZ
Operation spot
Thumbs/tn_12 Fraz.jpg
Operation spot
Thumbs/tn_13 Fraz.jpg
Paul N6LL center
Lars AA6IW back of his camper
and trailer
Thumbs/tn_14 Fraz.jpg
Miguel W6YLZ chillin'

Thumbs/tn_15 Fraz.jpg
Rex KK6MK truck
from below tower
Thumbs/tn_16 Fraz.jpg
Miguel W6YLZ and Kevin AD7OI
Kevin drove from AZ to Frazier
Thumbs/tn_17 Fraz.jpg
Sunday Morning 9/22 - Temp.
just below freezing
and high winds
Thumbs/tn_18 Fraz.jpg
Sunday Morning - Ice
through side window
of KK6MK's truck
Thumbs/tn_19 Fraz.jpg
As sun warmed, ice was
blowing off, and falling
from towers
Thumbs/tn_20 Fraz.jpg
It's a beautiful day in
the neighborhood, foggy,
windy, and near freezing temps.